A bathroom remodeling and window replacement service located in the Carolinas who wanted to increase their ROI in their marketing used a variety of channels such as home shows, showrooms, TV ads, email campaigns, AdWords, call centers, and postcards to market their products. They didn’t have a solid process for segmenting leads and understanding their product interests, however. Additionally, they had no way to measure and increase ROI in marketing.

As a result, without knowing which leads were qualified and where they came from, they had difficulty tracking and proving the ROI of their marketing campaigns, and as a further result, they couldn’t budget accordingly.

The company addressed these issues by implementing a marketing automation software that features Google AdWords native integration, lead nurturing, and lead scoring. In doing so, they were able to evaluate the most profitable keyword phrases, and therefore shift their budget to focus on more expensive, but higher converting, keywords. Improving their lead nurturing and scoring enabled them to highlight which potential customers were looking but not buying, and provided insight on leads for targeted mailing campaigns.

The company is no longer in the dark about who their leads are and what those leads want. The resulting clarity means greater profit since now they can send emails strategically and spend their marketing resources more purposefully.

The insights they garnered into campaign performance, re-allocation of spending to higher performance activities, targeted engagement with high-scoring leads, and increased ROI on AdWords campaigns rendered a 10x return on their marketing investment and a 35% lead increase, justifying a 50% marketing spend, which continues to show the same positive ROI.

Are you able to measure your marketing ROI? Do you know where your ad dollars are going, which are successful and which are not? If not, it’s an easy fix using the right marketing automation system. Give us a call if we can help.

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