A rapidly growing small to mid-sized company with locations in Switzerland and the UK implemented demand generation (targeted marketing that drives awareness) and other digital marketing tactics to grow its business. Among other changes, they implemented a drip campaign and doubled their web visits.

The company was using a variety of systems including Google Analytics, AdWords, email marketing solutions, and social media platforms. However, because systems were incompatible, they were not getting the desired outcome from measuring their marketing activities and successes. They also suspected their website was under-performing in terms of lead generation but were unable to know for sure because it was difficult for them to get a full picture across the different tools they were using.

The company switched to a marketing automation system that fulfilled its needs by providing a solution they could use to track and measure several different lead generation activities collectively. Their new platform was up and running within a month, starting with website tracking, integrating online forms, and mapping out nurturing workflows and campaigns. Through their new system, they also introduced a drip campaign to drive leads to web content.

email drip campaign for distributionUpon introducing a drip campaign, the company doubled the number of time visitors spent on their site within the first three months. While the company believed it was previously engaging, on average, 0.1% of their contacts per month, they now maintaining regular, active engagement with more than 20% of their contacts.

The moral of the story?  Switching to efficient and quality marketing automation resulted in a shift from smaller, one-off type clients to better targeted higher-paying customers for the business.

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