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How Sales Can Assist the Marketing Team

The idea of an article about how sales can assist marketing may seem like an anomaly to most. But, one of the most significant disconnects I've seen is the perception that marketing isn't involved with, or [...]

Some Digital Solutions During the Virus

While I don't think there's anything that can be considered positive about an event that wreaks havoc on the world, two items I read this morning were semi-uplifting and worth sharing -- sort of like [...]

Five Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

Now that we’re well into 2020, let’s take a look at five exciting digital marketing trends to watch this year. Change is a constant in business, and in the digital age, change is rapid. Statista [...]

How One Company Doubled Its Web Traffic

A rapidly growing mid-sized company with locations in Switzerland and the UK decided to change up their marketing strategy. They were using marketing tactics that included Google Analytics, AdWords, email marketing, and social media. These [...]

eCommerce In Distribution: Make It Work For You

When it comes to eCommerce in distribution, I've found that most distributors feel like they’re up against a wall when facing competition from giants like Amazon. Although most distribution companies offer personalized, knowledgeable service, they [...]

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