Your valuable, specialized knowledge in your industry and about your products is a critical component to convincing potential customers to do business with you. People won’t choose your solution solely because you have the right products at the right price.

You know how valuable your knowledge is, but how do you let your prospects and existing customers know?

There’s no question that searching the internet is the first step someone takes when shopping for a product, finding a service, or most importantly, researching a problem. Appearing in these searches is considered one of the best opportunities for you to engage directly with potential customers because that’s when the searcher is most likely going to take an action.

When someone searches for an answer to their problem or a pain point, being there when they need you is the result of either good content marketing or an expensive advertising campaign. The smartest marketers (and the smartest searchers) will choose good content over paid advertising every time.

Businesses of any size and in any industry can take advantage of content marketing strategies, and that includes the distribution industry. Most distributors have, at one point or another, been in the shoes of their ideal customers, so who better than you to know what problems they’re dealing with? Who better than you can provide the solutions your customers and prospects need?

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Content marketing is the catch-phrase of the decade and as such, everyone seems to be doing it. But there are ways to stand out from the competition. When you plan your content marketing strategies correctly, your content will be read more often, making it more discoverable by bringing it to the top of the search engines and by it being shared more often across the industry.

Content consists of different forms of media, chosen based on what your audience is looking for, as well as what makes the best sense for the message. You can emphasize your expert knowledge by writing best practice articles, filming “how to” videos, producing insightful blog posts, creating educational roadmaps, and publishing case studies that showcase a common problem and how your product or service solved it. The more targeted your story or content is aimed at your ideal customer, the more likely it will be discovered.

How to Produce Effective Content

Content marketing is a skill your marketing team must develop and master. Here are 6 quick tips to help them do so:

#1: Focus On A Target Audience

The more targeted your audience, the more relevant the content will be, and the more valuable and shareable the reader will find it to be.

#2: Make It High Quality

Most content on the internet is average or mediocre at best. The companies who make sure their content goes over and above average are the ones who are getting better leads and more sales.

Tip #3: Give Your Readers A Way To Share

Word of mouth is one of the most trusted marketing methods. The sharing of your content is basically the same thing as word of mouth. Make it easy to share.

Tip #4: Make it Relevant

Make your content contain answers to your prospects’ pain points and problems, and also cover the whys and how-tos, without giving away the farm. Think about these questions while creating your content:

  • Who will benefit from it?
  • Where can I publish it so that they’ll find it?
  • What are the target’s problems/pain points?
  • How can I convince them to keep me top-of-mind? [most important!]

Tip #5: Be A Storyteller

The best content marketers have a gift of weaving stories into the content they generate, which is why case studies are so effective. People remember stories, and you will keep the interest of the reader by casually implementing a story or two into your content.

Tip #6: Be Consistent

One of the biggest keys to successful content marketing is consistency. You cannot just write a piece and assume it will be enough. Build up your content library with a collection of the media mentioned above. Remember, you are the expert. Demonstrate your true expertise!

The more content you display on your website that provides clear solutions to the problems your products or services solve, the better!

You Can Do This!

Distributors who are the most successful at marketing will use these content marketing tactics combined with search engine optimization and social media to make certain their products and services are visible as a solution.

Most people start their searches by looking for a solution to a problem. To make certain that they find your solution, include a description of the problems that your solution solves.

Your first goal: when your buyer persona looks for a solution to their problem, that search will always point them back to you (and your product).  Aim for your solution to be found whenever and wherever they look for it.

Your second goal: when your buyer persona needs a solution to their problem, they go straight to your website or straight to your rep.

When you market your knowledge as well as your products, you are building your platform as an expert in your industry. You stand out from your competition. In fact, marketing your knowledge creates opportunities for people to find your products when they don’t even know your product exists.

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