Remember, the marketing and sales teams share the same primary goal of increasing revenue by increasing sales. The best way to do this is to give your sales team a smart marketing team that truly partners with and supports them.

When your marketing and sales teams work together, performance improves across the entire customer acquisition process.  Implementing a robust marketing automation system coupled with a well-functioning CRM is important to making this happen.

A well-equipped and super-smart marketing team can then put strategies in place that better qualify your leads and move your prospects down the sales funnel further and faster. These strategies, in turn, will bring your sales team stronger leads, which will result in more appointments. Similar marketing strategies can help build stronger relationships with existing customers as well, also resulting in an increase in sales.

With today’s technology, it’s easier and less expensive than ever to create a more cohesive sales and marketing collaboration that benefits and truly embraces the overall goal of keeping the company competitive and profitable and producing better-qualified leads that result in more sales. Call us today to learn more!

Your sales team is one of your most valuable resources. Not because of how hard they work, but because of how well they know your customers. In fact, the more seasoned your salespeople are, the more they know all about your customers’ needs and wants. 

Enter the Marketing Team

With the right marketing technology, and by partnering together with sales as one cohesive team, your marketers will better be able to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the motivations of your buyers, and
  • Craft a more comprehensive buyers journey resulting in better leads.

They’ll also be able to score and track those leads through your sales pipeline, identifying when a lead is at the best stage to be handed to sales.

Your sales team will spend less time chasing cold leads and instead target better-informed, warmed-up leads who are closer to a sale.

Where to Start

If it would benefit your salesforce to have information such as

  • When an existing customer is looking at new products on your website,
  • When a prospect opens and reads an email or, better yet, clicks a link for more information from your company,
  • Where a prospect is in his buyers’ journey, or even
  • Who is part of which trade associations and attending which trade shows,
  • (And the list goes on …)

then it’s time to partner up marketing and sales. The eBook below will get you started!

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Marketing + Sales = A Winning Team!

A Winning Team = More Revenue!

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Don’t invest a small fortune in predictive analytics and then launch an expensive Google Adwords campaign without putting the right lead capture mechanisms in place. Not every visitor to your website is going to buy immediately. Take the best steps possible to stay relevant to your most valuable leads so that your sales team is well-aware of them and prepared to make the sale when they’re ready to buy.

Let’s Do This … Together!

Right now, you can have an entire marketing agency available to fulfill your marketing needs – for a fraction of what it would cost to hire and manage your own team.

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