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How to Collect Leads from Your Website

Your marketing team can collect leads from your website and contribute quite a bit to the top and the middle of your sales funnels. Do You Collect Leads from Your Website? Think about the [...]

Why Sales and Marketing Alignment is Crucial

In a perfect world, the marketing team creates content that generates prospects, and the sales team converts those prospects into customers ... the epitome of sales and marketing alignment, yes? But, when new opportunities aren’t [...]

How to Be Found Where Customers Are Looking

Solid, loyal customers almost never choose your solution solely because you have the right products at the right price. Your valuable, specialized industry knowledge is a critical component of convincing customers to do business with [...]

How Marketing Can Drive More Sales

When your marketing and sales teams work together, performance improves across the entire customer acquisition process.  Implementing a robust marketing automation system coupled with a well-functioning CRM is important to [...]

B2B Marketing in Today’s Climate

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing faces a number of challenges in today’s fast-paced modern world. How can you make the most of an often limited marketing budget to generate leads, and ultimately, revenue?  It’s [...]

Why Multi-Touch Attribution Is Worth the Effort

Knowing where your best leads are coming from and where they’ve been gives you a strong foundation for building future marketing campaigns.  Multi-Touch Attribution is the method of tracking and cataloging each [...]

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