Over the past few weeks, email has become the go-to solution for most businesses to announce how they’re handling COVID-19. Some of these communications are very important and informative. And, I’m sure you’ll agree, several are not.

When thinking about sending an email that is important only to yourself or your company, remember the story about the boy who cried wolf. If you send an email that wastes a reader’s time, or if you mask what’s really inside the email, when you DO send something important, recipients won’t open it. People become wary very quickly when they see emails that look important but are actually a veiled attempt at a sale of the sender’s products.

In times of crises like our present-day situation, when there is so much vital information to share and information is changing and moving at lightning speed, people only want to read what they feel is necessary. People are anxious. Think before you send.

That being said, you must still communicate and serve your customers. And, so that you can reach the people who are dependent on getting your message, here are some good email habits to adhere to that will get your messaging read by your customers and prospects.

That extra 10 minutes of preparation before sending an email can affect your customers’ perception of you.

  • Make sure you’re sharing the right valuable info to the right people
  • Make sure your message is clear and not misleading
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Pay attention to neatness

The time it takes for these extra steps will pay off in the long run.

You’ll be known as solution-focused or customer-focused. You’ll build a more robust subscriber list. It will help you get more hits on your website and more inquiries in your business.

(Turn your cellphone on its side to get the helpful guide below.)

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