In the distribution industry, there’s panic in the air. The most read stories of 2017 revolve around how Amazon is overtaking your industry, and the solution offered most often is to get innovative and up your marketing game. Distribution marketing is on everyone’s radar screen this year.

Susan Bloom’s recent article in TED magazine tells us “evolve or dissolve,” stating that “the impact that Amazon has had on both the consumer market and business-to-business channel has been shockingly clear,” and then goes on to list some pretty scary statistics.distribution marketing

The article goes on to share some “secrets of success,” with quotes from experts Dirk Beveridge and Denise Keating, who share that “supplying quality content will help distributors stake their claim in the evolving B2B marketplace.”  In other words, distributors need to be better marketers in order to get in front of their customers and prospects.

But how do you get started? Most distributors that I’ve talked to have trouble knowing where to start and what actions to take. They’re just not familiar with the tactics and strategies they need.

There’s no short answer or magic bullet to get distributors’ marketing on track for success. To quote a cliche, it’s a journey, not a destination. The first step in that journey, then, is to know where you’re going. To help you along, I put together this training from a presentation I did a few years ago.

Check out this training program for help!

Marketing Essentials for Distributors is a free, 36-minute training that shows distributors what they should be putting in place at their companies right now.

In 7 super-quick modules, most with accompanying videos and takeaway sheets, you’ll see what to focus on this year to get going. The program is designed for distributors, and it will help you and your marketing team get started on the right path.

There is a LOT of marketing to do in order to stay current and competitive. If you’ve read any of the trade journals over the past few months, you’d have seen that they’ve told you to:

  • Use marketing automation to get in front of more prospects faster and get them further down the sales funnel
  • Segment your list in order to target the right customer with the right message at the right time
  • Generate Content to show that you have the solution to the customers’ problems
  • Amp up your SEO so that you show up better in the search engines
  • Make your website interactive so that a visitor’s experience will be more memorable and rewarding
  • Make your marketing measurable so that you’re spending money on the right thing
  • Make your marketing a profit center so that your marketing is actually generating revenue
  • Partner your Sales and Marketing teams so that both teams are more efficient
  • and the list goes on…

With so much to do at once, too many distributors can’t help but be suffering from “choice overload” leading to “paralysis by analysis.” Rather than take the necessary steps in a well-planned order, they’re becoming overwhelmed and confused and they simply stop thinking about doing anything new.

If you’re in that same boat, I encourage you to grab a sandwich and take 36 minutes to watch this training program on your lunch break. Then, share it with your marketing team*. It will give your company a solid grasp of what the future should hold for your marketing this year.

It’s all online, and you can see it at this link.

As always, I hope you find this helpful!

*p.s. – If you don’t have a marketing team in place, feel free to touch base with me on what options you have to hire one (we can help you with that!) or have us help you bolster your marketing efforts.

p.p.s. – If you know of anyone else who can benefit from this training, feel free to share! 

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