Sales and marketing teams are often at odds with each other, even though they shouldn’t be. The marketing team creates content to generate potential customers, and the sales team is responsible for converting those potential customers into paying customers. When a potential customer is not generated or not converted, whose fault is it? Depends.

The institutional disconnect of these two functions can lead to a very real sense of not being on the same team. Sometimes, a reminder is needed that keeping sales and marketing cohesive benefits the overall goal, helping the company, so everyone can win.

How do you keep sales and marketing moving forward with a collective effort? Here is a key strategy: Get Together and Meet Often.

Get Together and Meet Often

If you want to know how the other half lives and what they need to do their jobs, walk a mile in their shoes. Each team’s struggles will be better understood if it is experienced first-hand.

Send your marketers on calls with sales staff to meet with potential clients, and they will see what challenges the sales team is facing. Marketers will then know what new topics to cover in their content that they may have missed in the past. The reverse can be done as well. Have a sales rep sit in with marketing as they develop new content.

Getting together should not be a one-time occurrence, however. Marketers should attend regular sales meetings to learn where things are going right (or wrong). On the other end, the sales team can give up some of their meeting agenda to marketers so they can discuss upcoming branding content that the sales team can use in the future. If these activities result in more sales, then why not?

A Final Tip for Keeping Sales and Marketing Cohesive

One more tip: don’t be afraid to talk to “the other side.” If each division keeps their worries to themselves, nothing will get solved. Even going beyond the split between sales and marketing, simply having a better overall company-wide attitude of openness (towards addressing concerns and potential problems) will lead to better communication, greater overall cohesion, productivity, and ultimately profit.

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