Getting the Word Out With a Content Marketing Strategy that Works

Solid, loyal customers almost never choose your solution solely because you have the right products at the right price. Instead, your valuable, specialized industry knowledge is probably one of the most critical components customers look at when deciding to do business with you.

You know how valuable your knowledge is, but how do you let your prospects know?

A search on the web is a first step for most in looking for a product or service. It’s also the first step in researching a problem or searching for a solution. As such, appearing in these ‘problem/solution-type’ searches is one of the best opportunities for you to engage directly with potential customers.content marketing strategy

Add in the fact that searching for a solution is considered a ‘bottom-of-funnel’ activity. This means that very often that searcher is also a motivated buyer. Straight out of the gate, this is where your content marketing strategy should focus firt for a quick win. Clearly, it’s one of the most advantageous places you can be found. After all, you’re solving their problem! What a great start to building a relationship!

Choosing a Content Marketing Strategy Over Paid Advertising

Being easy to find in a problem/solution-type search on Google only happens one of two ways, though. Either you’re practicing good content marketing strategies or you’re engaged in expensive advertising campaigns. The smartest marketers will choose good content marketing over paid advertising every time. It’s more cost-effective, it’s longer-lasting, and it qualifies as a bona fide solution.

Businesses of any size and in any industry, including the distribution industry, can easily implement effective content marketing strategies. You’ve probably been in the shoes of your ideal customers at one time or another, so who better than you to know what problems they’re dealing with? Who better than you to provide the solutions your customers and prospects want or need?

Learning and Implementing an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the catch-phrase of the decade. It’s nothing new. In all likelihood, your competitors’ efforts aren’t very well-executed, so it’s really not too late for you to start. Taking some deliberate and effective steps will have you standing out in no time!

Relevant content paired with a well-planned, coordinated promotion strategy will be easily discoverable and will rise to the top of the search engines. Chances are, your relevant content will also be shared across the industry.

Content comes in all sorts of formats — blogs, videos, podcasts, flyers, eBooks, white papers, etc.  For example, you can:

  • Share your expert knowledge by writing best-practice articles,
  • Record “how to” videos,
  • Produce insightful blog posts,
  • Create educational roadmaps,
  • Publish case studies that showcase a common problem and how your product or service solved it, and so much more!

Where to Start in Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

As you put together your content marketing strategy, keep the following six tips in mind.

#1: Focus On A Target Audience

The more targeted your audience, the more relevant and valuable and useful your content will turn out.

#2: Make It High Quality

Most content on the internet is average or mediocre at best. Companies whose content goes over and above will get better leads and more sales. The quality of your content will be perceived as the quality of everything else you do.

Tip #3: Give Your Readers A Way To Share

Word of mouth is one of the most trusted marketing methods. The sharing of your content is basically the same thing as word of mouth. Make it easy to share.

Tip #4: Make it Relevant

Write in order to solve your prospects’ pain points and problems, without giving away trade secrets. You want them to call you. Know the answers to the questions below before you promote your content:

  • Who will benefit from it?
  • Where can I publish it so that they’ll find it?
  • What are the target’s problems/pain points?
  • How can I convince them to keep me top-of-mind? [most important!]

Tip #5: Be A Storyteller

Some of the best marketers have a talent for weaving stories into their content. Case studies are an excellent example. People remember stories. Stories are interesting and will hold the interest of the reader, so whenever possible or appropriate, try to casually include a story or two into your content.

Tip #6: Be Consistent

One of the biggest keys to successful content marketing is consistency. You cannot simply write a piece of content and assume it will be enough to attract new business. Build up your content library with a collection of the various media mentioned above. Remember, in order to be perceived as an expert or an authority in your industry, you must demonstrate your true expertise!

The more information you share that provides clear solutions to the problems you solve, the better!

You Can Do This!

Distributors who are the most successful at marketing use these content marketing tactics combined with search engine optimization and social media.

When you market your knowledge (aka solutions to problems), you are building your platform as an expert in your industry. You stand out from your competition. Marketing your knowledge first (vs. your products first), will lead prospects to discover products you carry that they would not have known about. It’s a win-win!

Let’s do this … Together!  

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