Multi-Touch Attribution

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To build a successful foundation for future growth, your organization needs to know where its leads are coming from. This is established through a method of attribution. Multi-Touch Attribution, arguably the best choice, tracks a customer through multiple encounters with marketing, before they follow-through with a purchase. This is in comparison to other methods, which simply find the last impression that led the consumer to the product. With a variety of marketing methods in modern business such as web search, social media, advertising buys, and direct sales, it is important to keep track of it all so you can keep doing what works, and stop doing what doesn’t.

Some businesses may not realize how a lack of multi-touch attribution is affecting their marketing performance. Here are some examples:

See the True ROI in Your Marketing Team

Multi-Touch Attribution

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Without metrics, there is little to no real proof of how marketing is impacting your company. With attribution, you can clearly see what strategies are performing well, and what need improvement. You’ll have real numbers to back these insights.

If you have both a sales division and a marketing division on your team, typically the sales team has the “real numbers” advantage. They can directly point to results. The marketing division is generating leads, and the sales team turns those leads into revenue. By adding multi-touch attribution, delivered easily through marketing automation, the marketing division gains data to propel them on the same mission as the sales division: strategies to generate not just leads, but the RIGHT leads that translate into customers, revenues, and ultimately profit.

Know Who’s Listening, and Who’s Not

Multi-touch attribution allows marketers to see which ad campaigns and media platforms are driving the most leads, and which are lagging behind. Better analysis allows for better targeting of the right audiences for your organization’s brand and message. And, because multi-touch attribution tracks the customer over multiple stages, your marketers can determine any weak points where you may be losing potential customers.

Save Money and Time

More effective targeting of your audience allows for more lead generation than before, within the same budget, ultimately lowering your marketing costs. And rather than try to build a system from scratch, using existing multi-touch attribution technology will save the time that would have been spent creating your own results measurements. In the long run, having an improved attribution system for your marketing will more than pay for itself.

We’ll Do the Work for You

We are up to our necks this month researching and demo-ing the latest in marketing automation systems to find the right ones that work best with each of our clients’ CRM and ERP systems. It’s been a long, complicated and sometimes frustrating experience to communicate each client’s unique needs in a way that high-tech companies can understand and relate to; the good news is, though, we are making great progress and learning a lot!

Update: I’m happy to report that we and two of our clients have elected SharpSpring as our new marketing automation platform.

If your company isn’t satisfied with the marketing systems you have in place, I invite you to take advantage of what we’re learning this month, and give us a call. In the meantime, check out these marketing automation alternatives, and see for yourself why we chose SharpSpring for ourselves and our clients.” 

In fact, right now, you can have an entire marketing agency available to fulfill any or all of your marketing needs – for a fraction of what it would cost to hire and manage your own team. Next Level iMedia will be at your side to provide a unique marketing plan tailored to you.

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