Buyer Persona WorksheetsWhen identifying your ideal clients using well-written Buyer Persona Worksheets, you’ll find that your customers are people who not only buy your products or services, but who buy and use your products and services with passion.  These are the folks who really want what you have to offer, instead of just needing it.

They don’t just use your product or service, they LOVE your product or service.  They don’t just purchase what you sell, they feel they couldn’t live without it!

These same folks will send you tons of referrals.  They’ll offer unsolicited testimonials.  They’ll talk about you to their colleagues, giving you free publicity.

And did you know, when you properly and specifically identify your ideal customers by using clear Buyer Persona descriptions, you’ll soon find your salespeople having an easier time of finding business.

When you develop your marketing materials and sales scripts, take your ideal clients’ highest values and concerns into consideration.  Once you identify who they are, get inside their heads and figure out what they truly want.

Almost every business I work with has already put together various pieces of marketing collateral, including brochures, flyers and of course, their website.  Unfortunately, when I analyze their content and marketing materials in relation to who their ideal customer truly is, very often the marketing they’re using will never reach the customers they’re after.  Could this be true for you, too?  Or have you taken the time to build out your buyer personas?

In short, most salespeople are still using a “spray and pray” approach to marketing. They come up with a plan that THEY think will work, spend a ton of time refining it, and then they share it with the world in the hopes that it resonates with someone who will buy what they sell.  Sad to say, this doesn’t work very well at all.

Marketing success is guaranteed when you identify 1) who your Ideal Customers really are, and then 2) what their pain points are and how you can solve those pain points, and then 3) what will influence their decision making so they arrive at the conclusion that they MUST buy what YOU sell.

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