Wholesale Distribution Companies Can Best Use Digital Marketing

In distribution, when it comes to adopting new marketing technologies and practices to remain competitive, how do you keep costs low while attempting to reap top-notch results? The answer is simple, really. It starts with content marketing and a good digital marketing plan.

As simple as it sounds, however, this is the one area where I see wholesale distributors consistently struggle, investing in marketing that falls short of their goal. Understandably, it’s likely because while many distributors understand they can get value and impact from a solid marketing plan, they’re not sure how to build a marketing plan, what to measure, or where to start.

Does Your Marketing Have What it Takes?

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When done correctly, it’s a great thing to be able to tie your marketing plan directly to your bottom line and truly see exactly where the return on investment is.  But how do you know where to start? With marketing, like many things, it’s best to start by identifying your goals.

Following are five of the most common goals put forth by distribution companies that a good marketing plan will help you meet:

  1. Provide Information about your Products
  1. (Save Money on) Acquiring New Customers
  1. Obtain a Bigger Piece of Customer Spend
  1. Set Your Company Apart as the True Experts in your Industry
  1. Educate Existing Customers / Change Customer Behavior

Number one above is the obvious no brainer, right? It’s what all distributors do. But unfortunately, that’s where most distributors end their marketing adventures.

In fact, focusing on number one above won’t put you ahead of the competition at all because the competition is already doing the exact same thing.  In order to get ahead, focus on putting campaigns in place that meet the other four goals as well.

Five Goals = Five Plans

Think about the goals in your life. Your plan for one goal will doubtfully help you realize a goal that is totally unrelated. Your marketing works the same way. Sure parts of your marketing plan can be repurposed for multiple goals, but each step in a well-written plan must stand on its own. In other words, for five different goals, create five different marketing campaigns. Most importantly, execute on and finish one goal and one campaign at a time so you can stay focused and succeed.

With the right planning and execution, you’ll soon see your company accomplishing much more while using fewer resources because you’ll have more effective strategies in place that better connect with and engage your multiple audiences.

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