Generate More Profitable Sales for Distributors

Do your marketing strategies deliver enough (or any) qualified leads to your sales team?

Does your marketing team know what your sales team needs to help close more sales?  

If the answer is no to either or both questions, you’re in a position to increase your sales right now. That’s because there is a lot more your company can be doing to generate more profitable sales through your marketing team.

For most companies, sales teams and marketing teams struggle to find common ground. If your goal is to put sales people in front of the right prospects at the right time … when the prospect is ready to buy … get marketing on board and aligned with the sales team.

Luckily, it’s not too much to ask, and what’s even better, today’s marketing tools make it easier than ever to 1) forge the relationship between the two teams and 2) generate quick and lasting results.     

It’s a Whole New Marketing World at Your Fingertips

Marketing automation and the strategies that accompany these systems are quickly changing the way sales and marketing work together.  When combined with the right strategies (and that’s key!), these highly-sophisticated but easy-to-use automated sales funnels are incredibly effective.  

Develop strategies that specifically target your best leads, actually attracting them down a path, responding to what they want or need based on their behaviors and interests, and priming them well in advance of their first call from your sales team.  

Your marketing automation system will monitor each of these leads and raise an alert as each lead moves closer toward being sales-qualified. Not only will you know about the actions the lead took on your own internet properties, you’ll also know the answers to questions such as:

  • What are your prospects searching on?
  • Which of your competitors have they interacted with?
  • What webinars or publications are they reviewing?
  • What contracts are in place at their companies, and hen will those contracts expire?
  • Where do they play golf?
  • What fundraising events will they attend?
  • and, of course, so much more!

How Do You Generate More Profitable Sales for Distributors?

The answer is… Make better sales!

The ability to track a lead today is truly remarkable. Technology has made it easier than ever to better educate your prospect about your company, and more importantly, better educate your salespeople about the prospect. 

The end result?

– Shorter Sales Cycles

– More Qualified Leads

– Greater Profitability

After all, not all sales are created equal, and your marketing team can be very instrumental with presenting the best, most qualified leads to your salespeople. When you can accelerate the sales process using the intelligence generated through marketing and then couple it with the power of marketing automation, you’ll have your sales team focusing on the RIGHT accounts and especially the MOST PROFITABLE accounts, and then you’ll see a direct impact to your bottom line. 

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