E-Commerce And Independent Distributors

When it comes to eCommerce in distribution, distributors sometimes feel like they’re up against a wall when facing competition from giants like Amazon. Their company offers personalized, knowledgeable service, but they worry about the 24/7 broad and instant access that a huge website provides. They are intimidated by the efficiency a big company like Amazon runs on, and they also wonder if they can compete on price.

Don’t Compete On Price — Compete On Knowledge And Service

Image Credit: pixabay.com

The answer is to combine your existing business’s strengths with the 24/7 convenience of an eCommerce presence. Be sure your website is straightforward and easy to order products from, and you’ll actually have an advantage over Amazon and the like. Price is secondary when your customers enjoy the added value of consultation, a knowledgeable staff, and a physical location for any returns or exchanges.

Let Them Know You’re Out There

A buyer looking for a solution will turn to the Internet first to research what they are looking for. This is where a good Internet marketing plan comes into action. eCommerce in distribution requires a properly search-engine-optimized website that allows for your company to be in the top results for a product search. You can then sell the buyer on the benefits of your experience over a bland, impersonal mega-site (who offers everything to buy, but essentially knows nothing about what they sell).

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