Getting traffic to your website is no easy task. With growing competition and so many options available for customers to explore, businesses must stay one step ahead of their game to ensure that their website stands out. Apart from SEO techniques and paid promotions, here are a few quick and easy tips that can help improve the visibility of your website:

Mention Your Website Everywhere You Mention Your Business

increase traffic to websiteYour website address should be mentioned on your business cards, in your company logo, in your email signature, on your social media pages, and anywhere else you mention your business name. If it’s a new and improved website, include that information, too. Give people a reason to visit. Use every piece of marketing material you have to promote the site. That includes all outgoing emails as well – see our blogs about what building email campaigns can do for your business.

Make Your Website a Useful Tool

Provide benefits to those who visit your website. For example, allow customers to access their statements, order history, and invoices from the past. This will prove to be invaluable to them. You can also offer an analysis that shows the customer the amount they spent in the past 12 months and how much they saved in the form of discounts you’ve provided them. This kind of information will give them a perspective regarding the value you are adding to their lives.

Old-Fashioned Promotion: Discounts

discountsOffer what the big box retailers do to drive traffic to their websites — specifically, coupon codes and special offers that allow for an attractive discount. It doesn’t have to be a huge discount, but it should be unique and separate from any other ongoing offers you may currently have running. If you have the tech capabilities, track how many additional orders are generated from the coupon codes to see whether the footprint of your website is spreading.

If you see an increase in unique visitors to your website growing steadily over time, you’ll know that you are making an impact. You can expect, then, that sales will eventually follow from this kind of growth.

Content / SEO

Creating blog posts about hot topics within your product area can lead to your website getting higher rankings in internet search results as well. See our blog post about the benefits of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Lastly, in addition to blog posts, provide helpful, up-to-date content that addresses customer concerns and provides product information — the kind of information that your ideal customer tends to search for and visitors will find valuable. How-to articles, product installation information, handy tips and tricks will all keep you a step ahead of your competition. Not only will this improve your value with existing customers, but it will also help prospects discover you.

Let’s do this … Together!  

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