Distribution Companies and Digital Marketing

It’s important that distribution companies maintain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-changing marketplace. Unfortunately, however, most distributors don’t know where to start. I’m seeing distributors increasingly forced to become more efficient, but when it comes to adopting new technologies and practices for their marketing, they’re struggling with the constantly changing marketing trends and tools, and they’re finding it difficult to know where to start. […]

By | April 7th, 2017|Distribution Industry Marketing|

How Wholesale Distribution Companies Can Best Use Digital Marketing

In distribution, when it comes to adopting new marketing technologies and practices to remain competitive, how do you keep costs low while attempting to reap top-notch results? The answer is simple, really. It starts with content marketing and a good digital marketing plan. As simple as it sounds, however, this is the one area where I see wholesale distributors consistently struggle, investing in marketing that falls short of their goal. […]

By | March 31st, 2017|Distribution Industry Marketing, Inbound Marketing|

Sales and Marketing: Working Together as a Team

Many companies, especially in distribution, have both a sales department and a marketing department. And it seems that, since the beginning of time, the sales division and the marketing division have been operating in different silos. Wait, what?! That can’t be right!   Unfortunately, it is a common situation, and also unfortunate is that this setup almost always leads to problems … problems that add up to mis-communications, finger-pointing, and most importantly, lost opportunities. […]

Generate More Profitable Sales for Distributors

Do your marketing strategies deliver enough (or any) qualified leads to your sales team? Does your marketing team know what your sales team needs to help close more sales?   If the answer is no to either or both questions, you’re in a position to increase your sales right now. That’s because there is a lot more your company can be doing to generate more profitable sales through your marketing team. […]

By | February 20th, 2017|Distribution Industry Marketing, Inbound Marketing|