Marketing for the Small Business Owner

/Marketing for the Small Business Owner

Save Money by Measuring Your Marketing ROI

A remodeling contractor in the Carolinas wanted to decrease their marketing spend, but they didn't know what to cut. They used a variety of expensive marketing channels including home shows, radio and television ads, and [...]

How One Company Doubled Its Web Traffic

A rapidly growing mid-sized company with locations in Switzerland and the UK decided to change up their marketing strategy. They were using marketing tactics that included Google Analytics, AdWords, email marketing, and social media. These [...]

Blogging, Making Connections and Gaining Interest

Do you want your prospective clients to - Find You, - Appreciate You, - Trust and Respect You, and then, - BUY from you again and again? The key is to build lasting relationships with your prospects, and existing clients as well! Blogging is just one way to accomplish this.